Posted by Lexie Lane on Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blog Hops are a good way to find out if people want to connect and find more members. When links are posted, you know, they are making an effort. However, many people are just leaving their links behind and expect to gain something out of it without having to do much in return. Below is a list where I will be randomly adding Tips/Hints about how to get the most out of blog hops.

1) Leave comments - when members add their links, the only one who will know about it are the hosts and co-hosts. So let the others know who you are by visiting their site.

2) Tell members where you found their info - when visiting sites, you should always let the members know which blog hop you came from. It lets them know that you have something in common as well as letting them know you are there to really connect. 75% of the time, they respond.

3) Be patient - members don't always respond right away. If you leave them a comment on their blog, they will most likely get back to you. So don't get frustrated if you don't hear back from them within 24 hours. We all have lives outside of blogging.

4) Whenever you see a blog hop, check out the people who left comments for the hop. These are the people who read the rules and will MOST LIKELY follow you back (at least 90% of the time).

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